About CPF

My name is Stephen Casey and I have been working in the fitness industry for the best part of ten years. I started out my career in Planet Health in Blackpool working one to one with people and also teaching classes.

From there I joined the Mardyke Arena where I began strength and conditioning work with teams and athletes across a huge range of sports including soccer, hockey, hurling, football, olympic lifting, ultimate frisbee, rugby and athletics.

Having spent five years with the Mardyke I left to pursue a Master of Science in Sports Performance at the University of Limerick where my thesis title was “Examining the relationship between lower segment proportions, joint moments and angles during a bilateral squat movement; can we predict injury risk from segment lengths?”. For this course I also worked with the Munster Rugby Academy for a period of three months.

Upon completion of the course I started Casey Performance and Fitness and am currently the strength and conditioning coach for both Blackrock Senior and Blarney Premier Intermediate hurling teams having previously being involved with Cork Hurling Minors (2017), Cork Hurling U21s (2018) and Cork Hurling U20s (2019). Below is a list of my current qualifications, I am a firm believer in the constant pursuit of knowledge in order to keep up to date in an ever evolving industry.